New Beginnings

Detox. For seven days. For three. For four weeks; a month. Paleo. Gluten-free. Dairy-free. Raw. Vegan.  Vegetarian. Standard.

So many diets, so many detoxes, unlimited schedules and routines and plans and outcomes and justifications and prices.  Yet, no understanding.

This is what simplygreen was created for.  To benefit readers.  To help us understand different food ‘lingo’ and to have a different perspective and a deeper understanding of how various nutrients, food groups and diets influence our bodies.  The internet has an unlimited supply of opinions regarding the finest fad overcoming all diets.  Each have justifications as to how it will help you.  simplygreen is here for you to help yourself.  You are the primary focus, understanding being the basis for this blog.  Our writing contributing to your knowledge of how to feed your body, mind and soul through your lifestyle.  Because a healthy heart nurtures a healthy mind, and a healthy mind nurtures a healthy life.


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